Friday, March 20, 2009

The Incredible Hulk: Grey Hulk

Just ripped open the packaging for this Grey Hulk figure. I really like this one, the proportions are better than the movie hulk IMO. The sculpt is really nice, especially on his fists, much better than the movie hulk. My movie hulk had demented fingers which I had to fix with an exacto knife and some carving. One neat thing about this hulk is the articulating figners on his right hand, it is to hold a STOP sign weapon that is included. My only gripe is the overdone wash on the figure, some spots are much more concentrated than others which ruins the whole point of the wash. I might try to fix this later.

Oh ya, I also updated my previous post on the Beast Wars Cheetor with a new pic of the robot mode. Didn't want to separate it in another post.


  1. He look old... but still a nice figure. How much you got him for?