Saturday, March 14, 2009

Universe 2.0 Beast Wars: Dinobot and Cheetor

Finally got some "new" TF's, this wave has just arrive here! It's been out in the US for a few months already! So far, I have only seen Dinobot and Cheetor. I heard others have found Hound, Cyclonus, Starscream, and Smokescreen, but they run out of stock really quickly.

I had to go to two TRU's today to get these. First one I went to had the lone Dinobot on the pegs, so I grabbed it right away. Second TRU had three Cheetors and nothing else. The Universe stock is pretty dried up right now.

Anyways, Beast Wars was my introduction to Transformers. It was the first TF show I ever watch. I think I only had the gorilla Optimus Prime toy for that series, and that was purchased in Hong Kong a while after the end of the series. I remember that I always wanted to get the dinobot and cheetor toys, but they were really popular so I never found them. Only started to get more toys for the Transmetal series. So as you have guessed, I was very excited when I found out the Universe series was going to rere these two.

This clip brings back a lot of memories...

About the toys, I haven't had time to open them yet, but will soon. Check back for a review and more pics!


  1. Both are nice figure. I like them in beast mode only. :P

  2. Haha why is that? I always like the robot mode over the beast/vehicle mode on all transformers lol! I am really liking the Dinobot mode. Hope the Cheetor is just as good.