Sunday, March 22, 2009

NECA Pirates of the Caribbean

Opened the NECA POTC figures I got last week today. As expected, the details are really nice. Each figure includes a base and the bases can be matched together with other figures from the series. I am thinking of grabbing the Maccus and Palifico figures so I can put together the Flying Dutchman diorama.

The Bootstrap Bill figure includes the treasure chest with Davey Jones' heart in it just like the movie. On the Davey Jones packaging, it says it includes a treasure chest and heart, but mine didn't come with any. It's okay for me though since I got them in Bill's figure.

The Cursed Pirate figure is quite neat, I always had a thing for skeleton figures. However, it is quite flimsy and a little hard to make it stand up. It did come with a clear stand that goes into his back to support him.

It feels good to be able to finally open these figures. Due to the lack of play time lately, I've been only buying and not opening. Sure they do look good in their packaging, but they look even better out of their "plastic prison".

Davey Jones

Bootstrap Bill

The Dead man's the detailing on the chest!

Davey Jones' beating heart...

The Cursed Pirate...

My NECA figures

For NECA figures, I do gladly sacrifice articulation for detailing. I just love holding the figures in my hands and checking out all the details on them. Not to mention they look good in pictures!


  1. A good collection of detailing figures!!

  2. That cursed pirate does look really cool.

    So far all my NECA figures are from Harry Potter.

  3. The detail was good! I love the chest! A present surprise.

  4. @desmond: Thanks for your comment!

    @Mario: I too wanted to get some NECA Harry Potter figures, but my comic store didn't have Hermione and Ron, and I didn't want to get just Harry.

    @Leon: Ya, I was really surprised by the details of the chest and the heart that was inside. Cool accessory indeed.

  5. Nice sculpt but too bad they lack points of articulation. But Neca is now making a more articulated action figures and with their great sculpt I might be one of their latest fan lol.

  6. @Mohamad: Which new figures are you referring to with improved articulation?

  7. I loves davy jones and his beating heart ^^

  8. I LOVE Bootstrap Bill, he is freakin' cooooool!!!!11