Monday, March 9, 2009

Today's Haul

Went back to the comic store today and picked up two more Pirates of the Caribbean NECA figures.

Cursed Pirate and Bootstrap Bill


  1. have you gotten Captain Jacksparrow btw?

  2. No I haven't gotten him yet. There were I think 4 versions of him, thinking which one I should get. But I will for sure get one because he is the main character of the movie. The NECA Harry Potter series were also on sale, man I don't have room to store my toys anymore lol

  3. Jcee buy what you need bro. Savvy? LOL

    I saw Neca potter series but there are none that really appeal to me. If NECA make those figures more articulated.

  4. Ya if NECA's were more articulated, they would be perfect figures.