Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini review: Revoltech Saber Alter

I finished my last exam today, so I finally have time to play! First up is going to be the Revoltech Saber Alter that I've been dying to open. I haven't watch the anime "Fate/stay night" which I believe Saber is the main character for. But I just really like the look of this figure because of her armor. This Alter version is I think an evil version of the original Saber. I haven't receive the original Saber yet, so I cannot do a comparison at the moment.

Overall, the aesthetics of this figure is what I love the most. The details on her face, her eyes, the red vains going up one side of her face. There are red lines which I assume to be blood on parts of her armor. The figure makes me want to watch the anime, maybe later.

The box design is different from my previous figures, I think this is because it is in the V2 series.

The set includes the figure itself, an alternate face with a visor, and two swords. I think one belongs to the original Saber and the other one is the evil version of it. Also included is a stand.

The figure can stand alone by itself without the stand. But the stand allows for aerial poses. One interesting thing is that the sideskirts on the armor are held on by Revoltech joints. I thought this was neat because you can "flare" up the side during certain aerial poses. The front and back of the skirt is made of rubber. Due to my absence from photo-taking for the past few weeks, I had only a few keepers for this photo session (mostly poor focused). More pics of the figure along with another Revoltech tomorrow!

Some comments I would like to make on the figure. The left albow joint on this figure is quite loose, it is okay for most poses, but sometimes it will drop down if that hand is holding a sword. Another thing is the grip of the hands on the swords are quite loose as well, took me several tries to take some of the pictures with the sword staying in the direction I wanted. But overall, I would give the figure a 4.5/5. The 0.5 taken off is just for the little things I mentioned, everything else is perfect! I love how this figure has armor, but is not too bulky, in fact the design is quite sleek too!


  1. Dark saber look good. You got to watch the anime. It pretty interesting. Short too!

  2. Just wondering, is Saber and Saber Alter the same person or two people?

  3. In the anime only Saber. I think Alter is just another name of the toy series. I could be wrong tho. I still have not review figma saber. :P

  4. Oh please do! I found out about the Figma version after I ordered the Revoltech ones. The Figma one is on my to-buy list, but the list is too long, so it's going to be a while lol