Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's haul

Revoltech additions: Gaiking, Getter 1, Saber (Fate/stay night)

Also for those of you that collect figures with accessories, how do you store the extra accessories? Do you have some sort of system to neatly separate them, or just dump them all in a box? At the moment, I have mine in their original packaging, but I find this inconvenient because when I want to change the accessories, I need to dig out the cardboard box containing my Revoltech boxes, then find the right Revoltech box, and take the stuff out.


  1. I always wanted Saber after watching the anime. Nice buy!

  2. well me do neither and sometimes I put my accessories into plastic pouch with name given for separate it.

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden: How is the anime? I am opposite from you, I want to watch the anime after seeing this figure haha

    @RiP666: That is a good idea, I think I will do that too! Last night, I took a huge ziplock bag and dumped everything inside haha