Friday, March 27, 2009

Street Fighter haul

After reading phantomzone's review of the NECA Ryu figure on Open The Toy, I went to the comic store looking for these figures. Currently, there are Ryu, Ken, and C. Viper in the series, I was hoping to pick up either Ryu or Ken. But the store was sold out of Ryu and Ken, they only had C. Viper, which I wasn't interested in since I don't know anything about the character. However, they did have some SOTA SF figures. There were Guile, Adon, Gen, and Sodom, I ended up getting Guile since he is my dad's favourite SF character.

It is a pretty cool figure, sculpt looks nice. Comes with alternate head, 2 right and 1 left hand (one with his comb), and the sonic boom thingies.

More pics coming soon...


  1. Your dad likes SF? That's pretty impressive. Have you try vs your dad in SF duel? Hee! Hee!

  2. Ya he is a gamer too. But we currently don't have any consoles for SF, but hopefully we will have a PS3 in the near future haha