Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time to fly

Well, it's finally time...time for me to go on vacation!

Ever since I first started working in '10, I haven't took a break at all since it just seemed so great to be working finally after all those years of studies. But I guess everybody will eventually need a break, right? So this Friday, I will be flying off to Barcelona with my family and we will be embarking on a cruise for a tour of some parts in France and Italy for a week. The last time my family went on a trip together was well over a decade ago so this might just be a much needed break for all of us.

We will be returning on the Sunday after the week and then I will be flying off to Boston for work on the Wednesday right after. I will be spending two weeks there. This will be my first time traveling alone so I am both excited and nervous. I will be working most of the day during the week, but I've already been looking at some tours (so far interested in the whale watching one and the Salem Witch Trial tour) for my two weekends over there.

Would anyone happen to know of any comic/toy shops I could hit up while I am there as well? I will be in the Boxborough area, which is quite a distance from Boston itself, but I will have a rental car so I should be able to go anywhere.

Also I am thinking of bringing a toy with me to Europe to add a dash to the typical tourist photos, who do you think I should bring? I was thinking of Danbo since he seems to be neutral enough to appear in any situation, and he is easily replaceable since I still have two more of these toys if the unfortunate does happen. Although Danbo might be too ordinary nowadays since he seem to be a popular subject even for non-toy-collector-photographers LOL!

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