Saturday, October 27, 2012

Work, Zombies, Chocolates, and Sandy

Finally got some time to chill and relax since I arrived in Boston on Wednesday night. Right after my arrival, I worked 16 hours on Thursday, didn't even eat dinner since by the time I got off (11:30pm), everything around here was closed. The place I am currently working in is a small little town with barely anything but trees here. It's a nice change from Toronto though since it's so beautiful and the roads are so fun to drive on. I got a pretty loaded Ford Focus for my rental so that's been a blast to drive.

Then Friday I worked for about 10 hours, it was a less busy day though, had some downtime in between to catch a power nap. For dinner I just grabbed a drink and some pasta at the hotel restaurant with my co-worker that I am taking over for the next week and a bit. I am sooo glad it's the weekend so I got to sleep in today!

Woke up at 10am today and watched the news on hurricane Sandy, have been hearing people talk about Sandy for the pass few days. I've never experience a hurricane so I guess I am not as alert as others and I don't really know how to prepare since I am staying at a hotel. I had already planned to hit up the local Kmart to grab some snacks and water (the water in the hotel tastes disgusting) for my stay here. When I got there, it seems like many people are already preparing for this storm since the water section was cleaned out. I managed to grab two packs of 24-pack Aquafina water bottles, I guess these are higher in price so they will be the last to go.

I also picked up a pack of SLUG Zombies 12-pack that I've seen so many bloggers in the states rave about. This was one of the things I was looking forward to on this work trip...getting toys and food that's only available in the states. After that I went to Dunkin' Donuts to grab a small breakfast. I was originally planning to go for some seafood by the coast, but I am thinking I should avoid the coast for the next few days with Sandy coming.

Anyone have any tips on what I should stock up on to prepare for this storm?

Milk Duds and Zombies

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