Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Local Table

The morning was rainy and windy due to the remnants of Sandy still lingering around. The storm gave me a nice workout today since I was moving equipment from building to building out in the weather. I only wore these canvas-type running shoes to this trip so they were soaked right from the start which wasn't pleasant at all for the rest of the day. By noon time, the rain had cleared up and the sun was coming out. It was actually good enough for me to go out to lunch with a t-shirt. Ohhh it's so nice to see this type of weather after the storm! The Local Table
My coworker told me about this little cafe in the next town called The Local Table. I only had an hour of downtime today for lunch so I decided to check it out since it was the closest place that was not a greasy food place. I am trying to avoid greasy foods because my stomach don't really handle them very well.
The Local Table
I had a small bowl of clam chowder soup and a New England Turkey Sandwich. The clam chowder was really good, it was the excellent mixture of taste, ingredients, and texture for me. It's not as strong and fresh tasting as the one I had at SS Lobster, but the taste is not bad and there were big chunks of clams in it.
The clam chowder was served with cute butterfly-shaped biscuits. Clam Chowder with Butterfly-shaped biscuits The sandwich reminds me of the Thanksgiving sandwich I had at Kimball Farm on the weekend. The ingredients look really similar. Although I'd prefer the Kimball Farm sandwich more. It was maybe because I was already full from the clam chowder so I thought the sandwich was only so-so at the cafe. I ended up packing back half of the sandwich for later. I just ate it now and it was delicious, also probably because I was starving LOL New England Turkey Sandwich The inside of The Local Table was brightly lit, clean, and relaxing. There were people reading, on their laptops, or chatting. I had a nice time there today and I might go back to try out some of their other soups. The Local Table

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