Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday's Doings

Originally I was planning to go visit downtown Boston today. But decided against it because of Hurricane Sandy, the last thing I would want is to be stuck down there. Hopefully it will be all nice and clear next weekend, I really want to check out downtown before I leave.

After keeping up with the news on Hurricane Sandy yesterday and early this morning, I decided that I need some more supplies: a bit more food to munch on, some spare batteries for my flashlight, and some duct tape just in case I need to fix something quick. As Sandy is approaching, the sky has been gloomy all day and there was a steady slight drizzling since noon.

I decided to go over to the next town's Walmart to get these supplies since they also have a Target and a Toysrus I could hit up while I am in the area. Other than the previously mentioned items, I picked up another Angry Birds Pig Hotwheels car haha, they are just too cute to pass up. I really want the Scooby Doo Mystery Van, haven't had any luck with that one though. I checked out Target afterwards since I read on TFW2005 that there have been sightings of Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus and at $20 for the voyager here, they are a much better deal than in Canada where they go for $30. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything there either. And then next I found out that my GPS doesn't recognize Toysrus, so I couldn't get there in the end. A little disappointed, but I wasn't really looking for anything in particular either. Then I decided to go grab some lunch since I once again woke up too late and missed out on the hotel's breakfast (not that I am missing much anyways!).

On the first day of work in Boston, my coworker brought me to a place called Kimball Farm for lunch. Too bad I didn't bring my camera because it was a really fun place to eat. It is too much to describe so I will go back there next week with my camera and do another post on that. I found out last night that there was another Kimball Farm a bit further away from my hotel and I wanted to visit that one too since my experience at the first one was amazing.

This Kimball Farm is located in Lancaster, MA.
Kimball Farm

Here's the inside of the store/restaurant. This one is much bigger than the one I went to on Thursday.
Kimball Farm

The cute thing about Kimball Farm is that their tables are right inside their store, so you are literally sitting beside their merchandise. But since this one is much bigger, the atmosphere did not feel as fun as the other location. I will definitely go back to the smaller one and grab some pics there. You can literally "window-shop" while you are eating at the table haha!
Merchandise at Kimball Farm

Here's the counter to order your food, once you get your order, you can just find a seat anywhere. The menu selection is typical.
Counter at Kimball Farm

I settled on a Thanksgiving Sandwich served in a wrap and a mango smoothie. Also grabbed a brownie to take back to the hotel for a night snack.
Lunch at Kimball Farm

The Thanksgiving Sandwich wrap loaded with roast turkey, sausage stuffing, and cranberry mayo. This was surprisingly delicious! The sandwich I had at the other location was soso~, it was just the atmosphere that was attracting.
Turkey Sandwich Wrap from Kimball Farm

I took a seat on the loft since I thought it had more merchandise upstairs, but turns out it was on several tables in an empty area. This location just doesn't have the same feel as the other smaller location.
Loft View at Kimball Farm

After lunch, I decided to go for some ice-cream. There's a place close by that makes their own ice-cream. I read pretty good reviews so I had to try it. As I was driving there, I pass by some really nice buildings. This is one thing that I love about the area around here. The buildings are all very old style and just look really beautiful. I past by the town hall and just had to pull in and grab a few pics.

It was cold, windy, and raining. I must look mighty suspicious to pull into this empty road, jump out of the car and ran to the middle of the field to grab some shots LOL
Lancaster Town Hall

Here's a shot of my rental Ford Focus beside some building on the same street.
Ford Focus somewhere on Main Street, Lancaster, MA

Before I pull back onto Main Street, I decided to stop and snap this shot before continuing onto my ice-cream destination to show what this area typically looks like.
Main Street, Lancaster, MA

As I was driving to this place, I was thinking that I might be the only one getting ice-cream in this weather since it is 11 C (53 F) here. With the wind and rain, it feels even chillier. After driving right by and going on and on for a bit until I realize that I won't be coming to an end or intersection any time soon, I made a 50-point turn on the super narrow street and proceeded back to the farm.

This is Rota-Spring Farm Ice Cream in Sterling, MA.
Rota-Spring Farm Ice Cream

When I got there, there were a couple of people. They had many flavours to choose from so I had a tough choice deciding. I figured this place is only 20 minutes away so I can come back to test out other flavours during the week too. As I was waiting for my order, a gentleman behind me asked me what lens I was using. We had a small chat while his wife waits in line to order (a small line form shortly). Turns out he was a Nikon user as well, we chatted about lens and what we shoot, then I told him it was my first time in Boston and he recommended some places I should check out. He also mentioned the vanilla ice-cream here is the best. It was nice to chat with some fellow photographers on my lonely trip haha, I am definitely going to take his advice and go back for some vanilla ice-cream this week!

I settled with Pumpkin, Peppermint Patty, and Purple Cow. Finished it in my car to stay out of the wind. After eating the whole thing I felt like I had frostbites on my tongue!
Pumpkin, Peppermint Patty, Purple Cow

Originally planned to go for lobster at a local restaurant tonight, but found out they closed at 5:30pm. I guess it is probably safer to just stay and eat at the hotel bar rather than venture out to find a place with Sandy approaching fast.

Hope I can check out more local eateries with the remaining time I have here in Boston. Food, toys, and sight-seeing is my favourite to-do's at any new place I visit haha!


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  2. Sounds like a enjoyable business trip so far JC. : )