Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lobster at Twin Seafood

Even though I had to go to work early at 8am today, it was nice to see the sunshine through the tree branches. I was so happy to see it wasn't gloomy and raining in the morning. Everything at work went by smoothly today so that's a plus. Had some downtime in between to grab lunch, where I went back to The Local Table for some of their tomato basil soup today and a garden wrap. I needed some veggies for the day since I missed my breakfast today (slept in) where I usually have my daily serving of fruits. Oh ya, Happy Halloween everyone! Since it's Halloween and I finished at work a little earlier than usual, I decided that it's time to check out the local seafood place. This is Twin Seafood in Acton, Massachusetts. My coworker told me about this place on the drive around on my first day here. He showed me a lot of places for food, but this one was always on my to-go list since this area is known for their fresh seafood so I had to try it out. Twin Seafood
It was only 4:30pm when I arrived there so I wasn't surprised when there was no one else eating there. It is a bit too early for dinner, but I like to eat earlier and have tons of time to relax, watch some tv, and type this when I am back at the hotel.
Dining side of the store from the main door. Twin Seafood interior And to the right of that is where most of the yummy stuff are. They sell some raw, but they also have a service to grill them for you so you can enjoy it at the store as well. Mmmm...what should I have? First thing to do was choose out a lobster, I really have no clue how to go about picking a lobster and no idea what is suitable for one person's serving. Luckily the guys that run this place are very friendly and gave me some pointers. I end up choosing a 1 1/2 pounder fresh from the tank. Since it was so early, their water wasn't boiling yet so they told me it was going to take about 50 minutes to heat up the water and boil the lobster. I wasn't in a hurry so I agreed. But it was very hard to not eat anything while being surrounded by all these beautiful and delicious seafood so I opt for 1/2 a serving of fried oysters to munch on while I wait for my lobster. I am usually not a huge fan of fried foods because the oil usually masks the taste of what's inside for me. But these oysters were so juicy that it actually wasn't that bad. 1/2 serving of fried oysters While I was munching on my fried oysters, there were many locals coming to get their fish for dinner. Some even have them cooked here to take home to save some time. When there was some downtime in between all the customers coming in and out, I asked Jim if I could photograph their place, he agreed and even offered to take some lobsters out for a photo-op haha! Jim at Twin Seafood Jim with a pair of 2 these babies were massive and alive! I probably wouldn't be able to grab a hold of them. Jim with a pair of 2 pounders After about 40 minutes, my lobster was finally ready! I think this is the first time I have a 1 1/2 pound lobster all to myself. It is also quite intimidating because I really have no clue on which way to attack it from. I put away my camera since I know it was going to get messy, but man I wish I took some pictures of the meat in this thing. I attacked the claw first since that is the easiest part to eat, but the first squeeze of the claw-cracking tool resulted in my face full of lobster juice. Luckily no one else was there to observe my silliness. I was totally in my own world while cracking and ripping apart the shell and devouring the meat though so I probably wouldn't have noticed either way LOL. The claws, legs, and the head was easy enough, albeit not without battle scars. The torso was a bit tougher, but I got through. I looked at the tail like an idiot and didn't know how to get to the meat in it, the tiny little legs were in the way and those hairs on them look pointy as heck. A woman that was shopping there saw my confused look and offered to help me out. Turns out there is a super easy way to squeeze out the whole piece of meat from the tail in one go. Apparently this is well known as the "Grand prize" LOL My 1 1/2 pounder served with a side of butter. 1 1/2 pounder boiled with a side of butter After the oysters and lobster, I was totally stuffed. My stomach is still bloated right now as I am typing this. But it was a fun and enjoyable experience and the lobster was just soooo goood. I am envious of the locals because they get to have all these fresh seafood for the price of a regular lunch back home. I am going to go back for lunch tomorrow to try a grilled piece of fish. If you get a chance or happen to be in the area, I highly recommend you to check them out! Looking at these pics is making me salivate again even though I just ate mine only several hours ago!
Jim and Dan posing for a picture with the 2 pounders.
Jim & Dan at Twin Seafood

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