Saturday, October 15, 2011

Victory is mine!

Picked up these guys today, I've been wanting these guys for a loooong time, but the Reveal the Shield line did not make it up to Canada in normal retail. I got these at a specialty toy store which usually sell toys waaay overpriced. But early this week, I read sightings of several of the TF's from the RTS line at these stores for only $13! That's even cheaper than retail pricing. Knowing that a lot of collectors will be hunting for these guys, I thought I wouldn't be able to grab Perceptor anyways. I figured I might as well just get him at the toy show at the end of this month.

But today since I was close to there for lunch anyways, I figured why not check it out to see what other new stuff they had. When I got there, there was already a collector there hunting around the TF's section. But he did not find anything and left shortly after. So then it was my turn, I spotted Tomahawk and grabbed it right away because I've wanted to get him ever since LEon at Open the Toy reviewed him a while ago. I used to see them everywhere, but I never took notice of him. Then when I wanted to get it, I never saw it again! LOL how many times have that happened before?! But my main goal was still Perceptor since I read a sighting of him yesterday at 5pm. I thought since it was almost 24 hours ago, it would be gone already, plus I am pretty sure the first guy there was looking for him as well and he didn't find it meaning he was gone already.

So as I was checking out what they had, another guy came and was looking around the TF's section. I knew right away that he was looking for Perceptor as well, it was just my gut feeling haha. Then while I was looking through the pegs for the characters on the top left of the packaging, I SAW HIM. He was hanging there at the very back of the pegs. I proceeded to slowly take off all the ones in the front then grasped him in my left hand. At that moment, I felt victorious LOL!

After I had gotten a hold of my prize, the collector beside me asked what I got and I showed him. And as expected, he was looking for the same one as well. Unfortunately for him, this was the last one in stock. Then I went to pay for my haul and had a grin on my face ever since, even as I am typing this right now =D

Oh ya I also found out they had the RTS legends Optimus Prime and Megatron that I've wanted since I saw them over at A Year of Toys.



  1. Very nice! I should be getting one of the Optimus Primes from one of my friend soon in the mail but no luck on the Megatron but i shall keep looking for him. Congrats on getting yours. : )

  2. Wow congrats! Full of wins! LOL Perceptor is good but I never get the chance to see it. LOL

  3. Haha thanks! All of these 4 purchases were soo worth it, they are great toys!