Monday, October 3, 2011

Candy Toy Review: Meda-Gabryu (Axe Mode)

Continuing on with the previous candy toy review, we will take a look at the axe form of Meda-Gabryu which is number 2 in the set of 3.


A neat thing I found out while applying the stickers on for this toy is that the black lines can be scrubbed down so it "sits" inside the crevices in the details therefore transferring the details to the surface of the stickers. I find this really cool and it makes the toy look A LOT better!


This is the same weapon as the one reviewed yesterday except it has the second gun support handle folded up. In the show, the Meda-Gabryu has to "eat" 2 cell metals for it to power up for the final attack.

Thoughts: I actually liked this axe mode better than the gun mode from yesterday mainly because of the "eating" feature. I can imagine the "GULP" sound every time I play with this gimmick (*GULP* sound is in the show as well). With the mouth close, it can resemble the gun as well. Overall, another interesting toy in the set.

*Bonus points for anyone who can identify the song playing in the background!*