Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank you Hobby Link Japan

I finally received my Danbo's that I ordered 4 months ago from them. It was shipped on the same week as the strike here in Canada Postal services so I figured my order would be at the bottom of the pile of backlogs. Later, when the strike was over, I read on my local forums that people were starting to receive their packages again, so I figure it would be coming soon. But nope, I waited for 4 months and totally forgot about it. Then about 2 weeks back, I was checking my order history when I finally remembered that this order STILL hasn't arrived yet.

I decided to send HLJ an email telling them about the situation, but I thought I would just be told that since I shipped with SAL, I would be SOL. Surprisingly the HLJ representative was really helpful, he asked me to check with my local post office to make sure they are not holding my package there. I checked last Friday, but they did not have anything in their system with my address. I then emailed the HLJ representative about this and received a quick response telling me they would get the Japan postal service to start an investigation on the shipment and usually that would push the package through wherever it was being held up. If I still do not receive it in a month, I should contact them and they would resend the order if possible or give me a full refund. That was last Friday, and then last night after work, the package was here when I came home!

So I have to give major props to Hobby Link Japan for their customer service! I was actually hesitant on ordering from them previously after this order went missing, so I've been getting my stuff from Amiami. But after this experience, I will for sure be going back to them again. The HLJ representative responses were quick and professional, I would highly recommend them to anyone.


  1. Great service! That is so nice to see these days.

  2. Yes definitely! Especially since the order was fro so many months ago as well, I was really surprised as well!

  3. those are so great! ...dunno why i'm so fascinated buy them- i've made art out of cardboard many times- i like the color & texture of corrugated board. i just like that it's like a robot made of cardboard boxes, i would buy that

  4. Haha ya they do look quite neat indeed!

  5. I like dealing with HLJ too! Their service and delivery packaging have been really great so far.