Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rare Soda

So I got this soda from the same store that I got my other Kamen Rider sodas from. Since I knew them so well, they reserved this one for me. Apparently there was only one of these in every 3 cases of sodas, so yes this is one rare chase soda LOL




  1. So do you open and drink these and then save the cans? And if so how does the sodas taste?

  2. I'm really diggin' these soda cans.Marvel needs to do something like this for the new Avengers movie coming out!

  3. @LEon: Ya this one is from the same "line", but it is a rare one to find.

    @jboypacman: No I am going to keep these NIC (New in can) LOL! But I was told they are just the normal Japanese ramune drink, it definitely tastes different than anything we have here. Best way I could describe it is that it's like 7up with a slightly sweeter taste. But I suggest you have a try if you get the chance, you can normally get them at larger asian supermarkets.

    @SuperDuperToyBox: Neveeerr!!!

    @actionfig: Ya! That's a cool idea, I'd totally dig some Avengers cans, did you see the new trailer for the movie? It looks SIIICCK!!! Can't wait for the Summer LOL!

  4. Yes i did Jcee, i still can't believe there is going to be an actual Avengers movie! :)

  5. I will have to do that then Jcee it sounds tasty.

  6. @jboypacman: Make sure you pick up the ones that comes in the glass bottles too, they are quite neat.