Monday, October 10, 2011

My Transformers Collection

Opened up the rest of my NIB Beast Wars stuff and put them into display. Here's some updated pics of my Transformers collection.

Beast Wars Transmetals...I still want the original Waspinator since he didn't become Transmetal in the show. I know Terrasaur never became Transmetal either, but he was the first TF I've ever gotten so I had to get him back.

Transformers Animated

With the rest of the stuff...except for the movie stuff on the lowest level of the shelf. Honestly I am not too fond of the movie line, I am thinking of just selling them all.


  1. That my friend is an amazing set up and collection!I don't collect them but seeing them set up like that on display reminds me of how cool Transformers really are:)

  2. Fantastic collection! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks guys! I like these colorful characters much more than the dark and gloomy movie TF's haha

  4. the movie TF you never show on the photo? It make sense to sell them off.