Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Spawn Collection

I opened the rest of my NIB Spawn figures tonight and put them on display.

Back left: Cyber Spawn from the Techno Spawn series
Back right: Overtkill from the Manga Spawn series
Front: Bottom Line from Spawn Series 12

Love the Cyber Spawn and Overtkill figures, both really articulated for Spawn figures, highly detailed as well. Not too fond of Bottom Line mainly because of the lack of articulation. He has no articulation on his kness, only articulation is in the arms and fingers.

Back left: Spawn the Black Heart from the Dark Ages series
Back right: Samurai Spawn from the Manga Spawn series
Front: Mandarin Spawn from the Dark Ages series

Love all of these guys, my favourite has got to be the Mandarin Spawn. He has very little articulation, but the details and colorful paint apps on this guy just makes up for everything else. He has a double-blade weapon as well as two more sword strapped to his waist. He also comes with a beautifully detailed shield.

Left: Green Vapor from the Spawn Nitro Riders series
Right: After Burner from the Spawn Nitro Riders series

I was really excited to open and display this Nitro Riders set. They just looks so amazing, each bike is unique and they pack a lot of details into them. The design is very steampunk-ish which is very cool. The figures have quite a nice amount of articulation as well and they can be posed to ride on the bike easily. Each figure/bike from this series has a lot of personality.

Left: Eclipse 5000 from the Spawn Nitro Rider series
Right: Flash Point from the Spawn Nitro Rider series

Again, these Nitro Riders are just SICK!

I am really glad I decided to open these guys up finally. They have been kept NIB on the top of my storage shelf for quite some time now and I have only taken them down several times to admire them. But now that I managed to open up some room to display them, it was time to let them breathe!


  1. Two words...HOLY CR@%!Those motorcycles look amazing!

  2. Congrats for opening the toy! :D

  3. @jboypacman: Funny thing is I actually acquired this collection from someone else haha, if you search Spawn on my blog you should be able to find the origin of these thing hahaha

    @actionfig: Ya man! These bikes are HOT! They don't make stuff like these anymore.

    @LEon: Hahaha I just open TONS of toys and created a pile of plastic and paper garbage lol! They look sooo much nicer out of their plastic prison though!