Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stress Relieve

What better way to relieve stress then to get new toys??? Even more so because they are on sale! $2 X-men Origins, $5 ROTF scouts, $10 ROTF deluxes.

$2 Wolverines always good.

The mask-less one is great, tight joints and everything. The masked one suffered from loose hip joints so he could barely even stand up on his own. Need to try out the super glue method on him later.
[EDIT] Tried the super glue method on his ball joints and they are much better now, but there are some white residue from the glue. At least he can stand now though.

I've actually never bought any scout class TF's before because I thought they were too expensive for what you get. But at $5 a pop, they are worth it.

ROTF Deluxe Armorhide
Armorhide is a really nice TF. The transformation is simple, but fun. Really nice looking bot. The only other ones I still want from ROTF are Brawn and Lockdown.

Very cool vehicle mode, it reminds me of the vehicles that escorted the cube to the city in the first movie.

Bot-mode looks very cool too. His hands are the driver seats from his vehicle mode too! Very good articulation.

ROTF Scout Dune Runner
This little guy is surprisingly cool. His vehicle mode resembles Armorhide's vehicle mode. I just love the look of these army bots, bulky and packing a lot of firepower.

Even Sgt. Keroro likes him.

Bot-mode, love the guns on his shoulders.

ROTF Scout Scalpel
I was most excited about getting this guy out of all of them. But it turns out to be the worst of them all. One of his transparent hands came separated from the join out of the packaging and because of the design of the peg it goes into, it is loose even after I put it back on. The cups where the ball joints on the legs go into were cracked right out of the package and the legs come off really easily. I couldn't even get him to stand up in robot mode. I think I will just keep him in his microscope mode, which is actually pretty cool looking.

ROTF Scout Dirt Boss
I originally wasn't going to keep this guy because I just bought him to trade for Scalpel later, but end up finding Scalpel during the sale too. But the more I look at him, the more he grew on me so I decided to open him. He is not bad, I like bulky bots so I don't really mind the kibble. Transformation is fun and vehicle mode looks nice.

The blades on his arms look awesome!


  1. The unmasked Wolverine is the sole remaining movie figure at my local Target. It's been all alone for a few weeks, and ended up on the Marvel Universe pegs. I wonder how much longer it will be there, they never put it on clearance.

  2. The whole line of WO are on sale here for $2 each, but there's not many choices, mainly only the Wolverines/Logans. I wish I could find a comic Deadpool, Cyclops, and Iceman.

  3. I like ROTF Scout Dirt Boss vehicle mode but sadly that time when they have offer I didn't pick him... the green color gave me a construction feel. LOL

  4. @Asrul: Ya gotta love sales!

    @Leon: Actually thinking about it, I didn't see any Dirt Boss today too. This one was when I got the Ejector back in a Walmart that had many old stock and was always late on stuff. It's sad that some of the TF's become quite scarce after a while, I would have love to get another Soundwave during this sale too.