Sunday, March 7, 2010

IM2: 3.75" Mark 1

Love this figure! I bought this at regular price because I have a feeling they will go fast and it will be hard to find later on just like the 6" Mark 1 from the first movie that I never got =(

The articulation is not as good as the Classic IM I got earlier, but it's reasonable since he is a bulky armor after all. His right shoulder joint is a bit loose, but I think I could fix it later. Paint-wise, I didn't have another one to compare it to since it was the only one at the store, but I don't think it's a big problem for this guy because he is suppose to be dirty and scratched up. The paint is already really nice compared to the larger one from the first movie. The "metal" parts look weathered and it's really not that bad, but I still plan on repainting him for a more shiny metal look. There are many little details on him that are all black and could use some detailing to show them off.

Again, I just have to say I am really loving this line of figures. Rarely do I buy ANY figures at full price, but these first two I just had to buy because they just look way cool! The other one that I am still hunting for is the comic version of War Machine. If there's a sale on these, I will probably get them all haha!


  1. THey are very spiffy. Can't wait to get a few.

  2. I agree with you man, I never was able to get my hands on the 6" Mark I...