Saturday, March 20, 2010

Robot or Alternate mode?

For Transformers fans:

Which modes do you display your Transformers collection in?


For me, I prefer to display them in robot mode because I think that's what they are for. The alternate mode just makes them Transformers and not just plain robots, but I like them because of the robot modes. I rarely display any of my TF's in alternate mode unless they are unique or there's something I don't like about their robot modes. The current TF's that are in alternate mode are Scalpel, Ice cream truck twins, Arcee, and Chromia. The latter two I just like to transform them and they just happen to be in their vehicle modes right now. But Scalpel will stay in its microscope mode because it is too fragile and flimsy in robot mode, and the Ice cream truck twins? I don't even have to explain for that one.


  1. Both of my Alternators are in alt mode, as well as Dinobot and Divebomb. The Alternators because the transformation is so involved, Dinobot because I dig the raptor, and Divebomb because Ransack is in bot mode. Otherwise, everything is in bot mode.

  2. Robot mode is it looks cool and no kibble, like the TFA stuff I have. If Robo-mode has a bunch of kibble or has trouble standing, I 'll use alt...a good example here is sideswipe, even when I can make him stand he won't stay that way once someone walks by him.

  3. prefer the robot mode, plus i'm way too afraid to change them to car mode since i'm pretty much break things. hahahaha

  4. @Mario: Haha I agree on the Alternators, the transformation is quite complicated. Hell, I can't even get my Subaru one back to vehicle mode without looking like it has just been in a car crash! Speaking of Alternators, I wish I had gotten more when they were at $10 each. Back then I wasn't into collecting toys or TF's, I just thought they looked neat so I picked up the green Jeep and the silver Subaru.

    @CounterFett: Agree with you on Sideswipe, at first I display him alone and every time someone walks by or even when I just stand in front of the display case to have a look, he would fall down (knocking down several others with him). But he just looks sooooo coool in his robot mode. So now I display him by leaning him onto another bot on the back, been fine so far.

    @Asrul: Haha that is one thing I am scared of too. I usually only transform my TF's once or twice when I open them. Then after they go on display, pretty much never again. Especially older stuff that are hard to find nowadays.

    I just love reading comments on these topics!

  5. Jcee, same to me. Only transformed once into robot mode to take photos and reviews. Then, will display it without any more transformation :)

  6. I think I answer this question before. Most of my TF are in their disguise form which is vehicle mode. That is often the first reason for me to buy them. LOL

  7. @desmond: Hahah I think a lot of collectors will do that.

    @Leon: You know what? I think I did ask this before LOL! Saw this on a forum and just brought it up here again without thinking haha. You are definitely unique in displaying your TF's, I know a majority of the TF's are displayed in their robot mode haha.

    @LPM: Everyone else except Leon do! LOL

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