Saturday, September 26, 2009

Transformers Universe: Vector Prime (Part 2)

Upon releasing Vector Prime from his plastic prison, I was surprised to see all the little details on this mold. There are TONS of detailing on him and it makes him look even cooler up close! His vehicle is some type of galactic battle cruiser sort of thing. On the front piece, you can see all the little molded gears, I am guessing it's to depict his age since he is one of the first transformers ever created. I know I said before that I am not too fond of his colors, but it's starting to grow on me. All it needs is a bit of detailing to make the little details pop out. The slot in the tip of the front is for a missile that shoots out when you slide the blue button in front of the cockpit.

This mode reminds me of ROTF Soundwave vehicle mode.

He also comes with a minicon called Safeguard, which can transform and combine with his spaceship mode.

Transformation is really simple, only takes about 10 seconds to complete. He basically folds out to his robot form. I was somewhat disappointed with the simple transformation. He does have a backpack kibble, but it's proportionally sized and looks pretty cool because of the details on it, plus it's storage for his sword.

On top of each of his "arm guard", there is a slot for mounting minicons. He has rachet joints on most of his articulation points, which lets him hold his pose sturdily. His sword is made of a flexible plastic, similar to his "wing panels" in his spaceship mode.

He also comes with a Cyberkey, but it does nothing when it's inserted into the key slot. On the Cybertron versions of this figure, the Cyberkey activates the sound effect gimmick. I am not a fan of sounds, so I didn't mind. It would be cool is it lights up his eyes though. Too bad his eyes does not have light piping though. The key sort of reminds me of Kamen Rider Decade LOL

On the underside of his backpack, there is a battery compartment used in the previous versions of Vector Prime. It was held on by a hinge type screw. Although the compartment is still here, there are no battery contacts inside. But I have taken care of that problem already. Will work on it again when I have time.

Replaced with an almost stripped screw borrowed from my RC parts box for now.

I am still thinking of what I can do with the Cyberkey. I've taken his torso apart and there is plenty of room in there since that's where they probably put the sound unit on the previous versions. I definitely want to do a repaint of this, or at least add in some color to make the details more visible. But that will have to wait until Xmas or something when I am not busy.

Overall, I really like this figure, I like it even more than I had expected mainly because of all the details on him. At first when I saw pictures of this figure online, I had already like the mold, but I had thought that the colors were lacking. But when you see him up close, all the details will make up for his brown and black color scheme. The gears and all his "exposed" details on him sort of reminded me of Jetfire from ROTF. My pictures do not do him justice, he actually looks better under less lighting because then all the shadows make the details pop up much better.

Here's an attempt to take a picture of Vector Prime under less lighting, my camera doesn't do too good in low light situations. But I think he looks better in this picture than all the above ones.

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  1. i want to ask you dear Transformer fan. At the first time you bought this amazing figure, where can we his sword find? is the sword was inside his backpack and we should open in order to remove the sword. if it is like that,i will be very grateful if you tell me how. Because i have seen the foto of the backpack you've made, and i see at the left and right side there are that just look similiar to sword's grip. is that the sword? Regards Grahaam.