Friday, September 18, 2009

Lucky Coincidence

I read online a few weeks ago that on the night of September 18, 2009, we'd be able to see, if I remember correctly, the milky way across the sky. I had always love looking up at the stars at night, it relaxes me and is my favourite stress relieving method. I've been looking forward to tonight for the past week.

At 10pm, I checked on my Stellarium computer program which has my coordinates inputted so I can see what is above my head in the sky if there were no light pollution. And surely there was the milky way streaking across from the east end to the west. I didn't really expect to see it since it was quite faint even without the light pollution. First I head out to my backyard, but many houses have been built behind us and there wasn't much of a view. So I decided to drive to the local public school since there were less houses in that area. I went to the field because it was the darkest area, and man! What a view! I didn't see the milky way, but without all the houses and lights getting in the way, I could see many many stars in the sky. It was like looking up inside a dome. I could actually see the curvature of the Earth when I focused straight up into the sky.

Wanting more, I decided to drive up more towards the north direction since it is more of a rural area up there. There was a plaza consisting of a Walmart and several smaller stores up north that still had construction going on, so I thought their lights might not be on in that area yet. It was totally the opposite, there were so many lights there that I could see the projected lighting even before I got there.

I'd thought, well since I am here already, why not check out what this Walmart has. I got there at around 10:45pm, ask the clerk and was told that they close at 11pm. So I quickly went to the toy department to look around, and what do I see?

A shelf full of Transformers Universe voyager Inferno, Vector Prime, and Tread Bolts. What makes this surprising is that this Walmart never gets anything new, and this is my first sighting on these TF's here. I didn't even know these were released here already except for comic stores that wanted $50 each for them. What makes this even COOLER is that they were $10 each...yes...$10!!!

So I brought home one of each! I have been wanting these for a long time and even when they are released, I would wait for a sale before buying them. I probably would only get one of them only too. So I am really psyche with this coincidental "run-into". I later found out on the local forum that a handful of Walmarts in the area have put these on sale as well and these were really the first sightings of them in the area. Anyways with this purchase, my Transformers Universe 2.0 collection is completed, I've already got all that I wanted.


  1. Inferno is my favorite! $10 is cheap even in conversion rate! Here if it is still selling, it would be about SGD $40++. :( So who is the lucky ones? :(

  2. Ya $10 is an amazing price, they normally sell for $30-40 here. This was probably on sale because of Walmart's 15 Anniversary sale. I wanted to keep an Inferno NIB and grab another one to open yesterday, but by the time I got there, the shelf was pretty much cleaned out.

  3. Wow Jcee! you are really lucky!! Glad that you finally completed your collection on these. Looking forward to read your review of these toys..

  4. Thanks desmond, we getting some really good deals on toys these few weeks because of the 15th anniversary of Walmart, as well as a sale at TRU, will post about that soon.