Monday, September 28, 2009

Nintendo DS: Scribblenauts

I've been playing this game recently and I must say, this is one awesome game! The concept is simple, but very addicting. The goal in each level is to obtain a "Starite". These can appear after you complete a certain objective or it can be there right from the start and you have to reach it. The best part about this game is the "Scribbling", you access your notepad and you can either write (letter recognition) or type anything you want, then the object will appear in the game for you to use. So for example, you type helicopter, a helicopter will appear and you can pilot it to your objective. I am not sure how many objects are in the game, but I discover new ones everyday. Some cool ones that worked are: mech, dragon, phoenix, ninja, vampire, monster truck, and a whole lot more!

I think there are 10 worlds in total, each world consists of about 12-15 normal levels, then after you beat the normal levels, you unlock the explosive levels. So there are plenty of stages to go through. The first few worlds are sort of a breeze through, but it does get more tricky as you progress further into the game. The thing is there is no one "right" way to reach an objective. You can go as crazy as your imagination takes you.

I highly recommend anyone with a NDS to try this game out!


  1. Wow sound fun. One must be really good in spelling to excel in this game. Too bad I don't have a NDS.

  2. That sounds like so much fun - is it a new release? My daughters would love it (and so would I ;) )

  3. Ya this game is amazing! The levels are short, but do need some thinking. What I really like about this game is that the "things" you "summon" are really interactive. For example, vampires own almost everything in the game since they are "immortal". They turn humans into zombies and no monster is a match for him. But throw some garlic at him or put a sun above him and he turns into a pile of ash LOL