Saturday, November 24, 2012

Marvel Legends Beta Ray Bill

I just watched Avengers Earth's Mightiest Super Heroes on TV and it was the episode where they introduced the origin of Beta Ray Bill. I had interests in this character ever since I saw him in the Hulk animated movie where he fought World War Hulk. I picked up the Marvel Legends figure of him a long time ago but had kept him MISB this whole time. But after watching and learning where he came from, I decided to let him out of his plastic prison at last!

They really don't make them like they use to anymore huh?

The cape on this figure is soft rubber, yet it is solid enough to hold a sculpt, but not get in the way of the articulation. It also comes with a comic about the origin of the character, I had a quick scan through it and it seems like the Avengers show is pretty comic-accurate, even the color of his suit before he got Stormbreaker is the same color in the show.

The BAF for this series is MODOK, this figure came with the base (chair + flame). I really want to collect all the pieces to make MODOK, but I don't really care for the figures that go along with the pieces. I'll probably try to look for them on Ebay later down the road.
Marvel Legends Beta Ray Bill


  1. This is one good Beta Ray Bill figure; better than the MU version.

    1. Ya I really miss these 6" ML's, I know they are doing them again, but it's only like 1-2 wave a year sort of thing which sucks.