Thursday, November 22, 2012

Left 4 Dead 2 by NECA

My current favourite figures are the Left 4 Dead 2 special infected figures from NECA. Although I am a huge fan of the game, when these figures were first announced, I was hesitant to get them because they look so disgusting. But in the end I grabbed them anyways. I got the Boomer from Toysrus when I was in Boston, couldn't find the Smoker since it was just released at that time. I ordered and received the Smoker from Ebay for a good price.

They are gross, disgusting, but ohh soo cool if you are a fan of the game series...
(Also testing out my the macro lens I just got haha)

The Boomer, these guys vomit out a "Boomer bile" that attracts large zombie hordes to attack and pile up on you. But they are very easy to kill, one shot and BOOM they go!
NECA L4D2 Boomer

The Smoker, a more dangerous special infected especially in areas with high buildings with windows. It uses its extremely long tongue to wrap around the victim and pull them in. Once you get caught, you only have a few seconds to shoot the tongue to get loose, after that you just take damage until you die.
NECA L4D2 Smoker

There are still I think 5 more special infected that are hopefully getting releases from NECA. They did a really good job on these figures in terms of both detail and articulation. The articulation points are hidden so well that I didn't even know they were there. I also totally did not expect these figures to have so many points of articulation since the older NECA figures I got were, although had very detailed sculpt, lacked in the articulation department. I would recommend these figures to fans of the game series or even just zombie fans in general.

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