Sunday, November 11, 2012

Action Figure Expo (Nov. 2012)

Just came back from the Action Figure Expo toy show!
I wasn't looking for anything specific other than a NECA Smoker figure, but end up bringing home a big haul with a lot of stuff EXCEPT for a NECA Smoker figure LOL!

The show is basically a huge room with a collection of toy dealers and private sellers. The show looks the same all the time with basically the same dealers there so I didn't bring my camera there as I've already covered the show here.

I mostly added to my TF collection since that is what I mainly collect. There were a lot of deals on Marvel/DC figures, but I held back on those as I don't want to delve too deep in those as well.

First Edition Vehicon, RID Vehicon, and Jet Vehicon. I figured these guys were going to be very hard to find anyways so I paid a little premium for them, it will probably save me some gas while hunting them in the end.

Takara United Blurr, Henkei Hound, E-Hobby Decepticon set:
I've wanted this Blurr for a while even though I already have the Hasbro version since the paint on this is just so sweet! I already have this Hound, but since I bought it at such a premium I haven't even opened it since I am still debating if he is worth it. I scored this Hound for a good deal along with the Blurr so I am going to have open my Hound and probably put this up for sale to offset the premium on my first Hound. The E-Hobby set I love since I am a huge fan of translucent plastic on toys, I only have a Hasbro Galvatron from the set so now I have a Scourge and Cyclonus too.

Takara Animated Prowl, iGear MP01 head, headrobots Dark Warrior set, loose Cybertron leader Prime:
I want a regular TFA Prowl for a while since I only have the Samurai version, the Samurai one looks cool and all, but I want a regular Prowl for display. Saw this Takara version for a pretty good price so I picked it up, ahhh I love Takara paint jobs (what happened to the Prime stuff Takara?!?!).

The iGear MP01 head is pretty cool, it is made for the Masterpiece MP01 mold. I remember seeing a review of this head a while back. I like this one better than the stock head because it makes Optimus look more powerful for some reason, the stock head looks a bit dull.

Spotted the headrobots Dark Warrior set and chatted with the seller a bit about it. I love the Bludgeon figure and kept it after my TF clearout a month back. But one thing that I don't like about it is the sword that it came with is always bent, no matter how much I bend it back the other way to try and offset it back to being straight. So this set was a no brainer for me.

I don't know what's with the Cybertron leader Prime, I just love this mold so much. I actually already have a complete one combined with Star Saber, so I have the wing-ed backpack sitting around doing nothing. I picked up a loose leader Prime with no backpack a long while back so I can display him with the backpack from my other figure, the only thing was this figure was missing the ear flaps. I didn't think that would be a problem, but it really annoyed me. Since I saw this guy for cheap, I basically grabbed this loose one for the ear flaps LOL!

OMFG Series 1 Glow-In-The-Dark set, Zodiarts switch from Kamen Rider Fouze:
I actually bought the Zodiart switch a couple months back on Hobby Link Japan on backorder, but after a few weeks I got an email telling me this item has been discontinued and they cannot get another one for me. So I basically grabbed this one right away when I saw it at the show since they only had two of them left too. It's pretty expensive for what it is, but I like to have some show props to display with my Figuarts from their respective show. This switch was the device used by humans to transform into monsters called Zodiarts.

The OMFG Series 1 figures was a surprise haul for me. I love these figures, I've been following the OMFG stuff for a while and actually have a set of the Series 1 & 2 in exclusive colorways coming in December. But I've wanted the glow-in-the-dark set really bad but couldn't find them for the right price since the shipping usually end up being more than the figures themselves to ship up here to Canada. I have a thing for little rubbery figures and I have a thing for anything glow-in-the-dark, so this is a perfect combination in a small package!

So it's the last show of the year and it ended really well for me. The atmosphere in these shows are just so fun to be into since everyone there is a toy collector so sometimes you end up chatting with strangers about random toy topics which is really fun too. I saw several buyers from my previous TF clearout so I chatted with them for a while too. Now I just need to find me that NECA Left 4 Dead 2 Smoker figure!


  1. Too sweet! Congrats on all the wonderful goodies.

    1. Thanks! I sometimes think I should just skip these shows if I am not looking for anything in particular lol! But the shows don't come by often so I always just want to go to see all the toys, but end up breaking the wallet at the same time too!

  2. Wow that's quite a loot! LOL TF are awesome and most value for money. Are you opening them for review soon?

    1. Yup of course! I've already opened half of them LOL!

  3. Good to open the toys, feel them. It's more satisfying. Fun time and good hauls. What more to ask for.