Thursday, November 1, 2012

Made up for it

Since I have to leave on Saturday because stuff wrapped up earlier than expected, I won't get to go to the Rhode Island Comic Con. I figure all of a sudden I only have two more days here and lost a weekend, I need to use my time wisely. Got off work early today and went straight to a Toysrus, this one was quite far, about 30 minutes on the highway. But that didn't matter, I just had to check out another US TRU before leaving this place. Like the first time, I was so mesmerized by the sheer amount of toys in the store that I think the employees think I am going to steal something because wherever I go I always see the same female employee LOL! I finally found the NECA Boomer! Sooo happy with this find since I've been looking for it ever since it was released in Canada, but even my local comic store did not get them for some reason. Oh ya and I also scored this TF Prime Knockout from the Walmart I spotted before hitting up the TRU. I actually had the Takara version of this mold, but sold it because I actually like the Hasbro version better (that's a first!). I was actually looking for the Rachet too, but had no luck. Neca L4D2 Boomer and TF Prime Knockout I also picked up 4 more packs of K'Nex Mario Kart Wii mini figures. I actually didn't remember the codes of the Mario and Diddy Kong I bought last time, so this is a gamble since I only found 4 distinct codes out of all the packs. I didn't find any SLUG Zombies which I was disappointed at, but you know at the checkout they usually ask if you found everything you are looking for? Well, I figured why not ask, and the employee there actually knew what they were and where they were located! Back home, usually when I ask an employee about certain toys they will just say sorry we don't have time without even trying to look for them. So props to this guy for actually caring about their customers! They didn't have a huge selection, but they were series 3 which I didn't have all all. I picked up a 12-pack and two 3-packs since I want to make sure I get that Bruce Lee zombie figure and the garbage can zombie. I end up getting both the Bruce Lee and the baseball guy zombie so I only scored the human from that pack. Series 3 SLUG Zombies and more K'NEX Mario Kart figures The first time I went to a TRU here, I saw one side of an aisle devoted to the Regular Show and...that guy in the white hat with the yellow dog...LOL...I know the name...but just can't remember it at this moment. Anyways, my sis and I were introduced to the Regular Show while on the Europe cruise vacation. It would be on TV when we come back from the land excursion and right before the 6:00pm dinner. The show is so random that it's hilarious. So when I saw these, I knew that she would love them. Regular Show plushies That's it from TRU! It was getting dark so I decided I better get back to the hotel. But man! The traffic was super slow, so while I was slowly crawling through traffic, I was checking out stores beside the road...then I spotted "Bedrock Comics"! What are the chances since they are so rare!? So why not? So I pulled in and stepped in the store. Chatted with the owner a bit, they didn't have a lot of figures. They did have the Walking Dead figures, even though I am such a huge zombie fan, I can't bring myself to pay $15 for a figure of that size. But I was always somewhat of a comic book fan. I just couldn't afford to keep up with them since I really like the trade issues and they get expensive quick. I always pick up random packs here and there from comic/toy shows. And when there are toy draughts I always pick up some trades. I was checking out some of their used packs (those ones that contain all the issues in that series, I love them since I don't want to hunt down anything). While I was chatting with the owner, he showed me the trades he just got in and OMG I was thinking if it was a good idea to pull into this comic store or not. I found a lot of Iron man books that I've wanted for a long time, but they were too expensive brand new. I ended up buying all of these. It's not the money spent that I am worried about, it's how to bring all this stuff back on the plane since I am thinking of just hand-carrying the books. As for the toys, I will be opening all of them and stuffing them in between clothes in my luggage. Iron man and Hulk books from Bedrock Comics So even though I won't get to check out the Rhode Island Comic Con, I think I more than made up for it with this haul, which is also the last haul of this trip since I will be leaving on Saturday afternoon. I am definitely going to miss toy shopping here as well as all the delicious seafood and interesting restaurants here. It's really too bad I don't have more time here since I won't get to re-visit some places that I thought I would get to. As much as I love this place, I probably won't return on my own expenses since it's not cheap to live in a hotel, rent a car (must have for this place), on top of all the food. I hope that I will return here for work though! Hahahahaha!
Aww crap...looking at this pic reminded me I bought a lot of food and drinks to prepare for my stay how the heck am I suppose to finish all this in a day?!?!
Last haul in Massachusetts


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    1. Haha I am so addicted to these SLUG Zombies thanks to you guys!

  2. Wow I didn't know US Deluxe TF prime comes with DVD. The version over at our end never had that.

    1. Me too! I was surprised with that too! Our version doesn't come with DVD too.

  3. Nice haul! If you tried harder, you might even get a 1/1 Toy'R'Us female staff! Lolz...