Monday, December 26, 2011

Transformers Cybertron Wing Saber

I got this guy along with the Cybertron Optimus Prime. The seller was selling them as a set. The price was what I was willing to pay for the Prime alone so I got him along before they get sold.

This is Wing Saber in his jet mode.

And his bot mode...nothing special...but

The coolest feature about this toy is that he can combine with Optimus to replace his other "Power pack" to form "Sonic Wing Mode"...this is SUPER WICKED!

So which one do you like more? The original Super Robot Mode or the Sonic Wing mode? It's a close match between the two, but I'd have to go with the original one since that's the one I've always wanted. But this mode looks amazingly cool I want yet ANOTHER one to display in the 2 modes...LOL!

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I rather like this one JC he has a very "throwback" feel to him i like.

  2. Like you, I prefer the original super mode over the sonic wing mode...but somehow, I'd feel my Optimus Prime is missing something if I don't buy both or the combo set.