Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adding another to the ranks...

Picked up my second lightsaber today. I actually didn't even realize there was a Luke Skywalker green saber until I recently saw it at Toysrus. It was one of those I saw it once and never again sort of thing so I was on the look out for this green one after that. I wasn't particularly looking for anything today, just happened to pass by a random rack in the store that was not even in the toy section and saw this single green one hanging there so I had to get it.

One function I noticed on this one was that there is a switch to turn the lightsaber off/try me/on. I didn't notice this on the Darth Vader saber so I did a doubletake and found out it was indeed still on the "Try me" mode which only lights up for a few seconds before the beam retracts. With the switch in the "On" position, the beam only retracts after you put the lighting up button on the saber. There are the lightsaber sounds when you swing it and when the beam clashes with something, it blinks on and off and makes that saber clashing sound. The switch on the Darth Vader saber was more hidden than this Luke Skywalker saber so I didn't notice it when I bought it last time.

All in all, these are great pieces for display especially if you don't want to shell out the $100+ for a FX version. I am a Star Wars fan, but not a HUGE fan of it so these are perfect for me. I mean, who doesn't like lightsabers right?




  1. The green luke saber is the 2nd series. I am so getting this one!

  2. Nice! My friend's son is getting one of these for Christmas.

  3. Should be on retail now. If not another month. Sg hasbro slow!

  4. @Leon: Ya I was surprised to see the green one too, wonder when they are going to do the purple one haha. I am still contemplating on if I want the blue one. I am not a huge fan of Anakin so unless it goes cheaper I will probably skip it.

    @jboypacman: Which side is he going to go? hahaha

    @Super: I have both sides of the Force now haha

  5. Those shinning lightabers deserves one word:

    Pd: I dropped the isopropyl alcohol bottle on my keyboard and now it sounds funny when I type :D
    (we, electronic engineers, use isopropyl alcohol to clean electronic stuff)