Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November/December Toy Haul

I received part of my November/December toy haul yesterday. This haul came from two place, the first of course is Amiami where I get most of my Japanese goods, the other place that I ordered from was Toyarena. This was my first time ordering from them. I've read tons of good reviews from them so I wasn't hesitant. They also had a 10% off Kamen Rider sale on the Black Friday weekend when I made my order.

I got the SHFiguarts Cyclone Joker, OOO Putotyra, and OOO Ankh from them. I have been on the hunt for Cyclone Joker for a year already and I was really surprised to see that they had them in stock. Every time I see a loose one for sale, they will be gone by the time I ask for it. So I am really happy to be able to get a new one. The other two OOO figures I've been on the hunt for as well since they are very popular and are out of stock everywhere.

Shipping was really fast since I used the cheapest option, it only took about a week from the day I ordered for my package to arrive.

As for Amiami, I got a nice sized haul from them as well.

SHFiguarts Ultimate Kuuga and Robot Damashii Gouf Custom. I needed Ultimate Kuuga since he was one of the main characters in Decade and Gouf Custom is one of my favourite designs. I've fell in love with this suit since I was a kid, never did end up getting the MG kit though.

figma Robocop and some school desks and chairs...LOL
Even though I have never watched Robocop, I had one of those huge (probably 12-18") one as a kid that I loved and brought everywhere with me. Unfortunately he never survived our house movings. So this figma figure serves as a reminder for my childhood friend. And the tables and chairs...I just know they will come in handy sometimes LOL!

Some old school vinyl Ultraman, funny why I decided to get this too. I was chatting to the collector I bought my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers flip head figures from and I mentioned some remakes of old figures such as Ultraman and Dragon Ball Z characters but with much improved articulation. He said he actually preferred to collect the old limited articulation figures because that's what he had when he was a kid. I thought of this for some time while looking at my Ultra-Act Ultraman figures, I thought they looked nice and all, but something was just missing...maybe there is something about these vinyl poor articulation figures that I once had as a I picked up this set off Amiami and have several backorders from HLJ as well. I can't wait to display these old school figures with their new generation counterparts!

Last but not least, series 4 of the Moji Bakeru candy toys. These are the toys that can transform from their kanji characters to their respective animals. I fell in love with these things ever since I saw them in some magazine scans for Transformers. So far I have series 3 and the rerelease of series 1, I had to pick this set up after seeing the pictures on them since I think they have improved A LOT, ALL of them look amazing in this set.

Man! I've waaay overspent on toys this month with all the sales we had recently. The funny thing was that I thought to myself last month that my goal this month was to spend less money on toys since I've stocked up quite a lot of figures over the last few months. I can practically open a store right now with over 60 toys still MOC on the shelf behind me. That's not even counting all those boxes of candy toys I have purchased recently. But instead of containing the urge to buy toys, I've failed and my spending even exploded as I have spent probably the most up to date.

So now I have learned that instead of trying to contain or suppress my toy buying habit all at once, it is a smarter approach to continue feeding that toy hungering monster inside me with a steady flow and subtract a bit here and there slowly so it won't notice. I wonder if it's hunger will ever end?


  1. Oh man i can't wait to see more on these!

  2. You know i don' collect these kinds of figures but i really enjoy checking them out on your site!I used to watch Ultraman as a kid!

  3. I am surprise that you got the table and chairs as there are for 12 inches figures scale. You seem like loving the Kaiji transformers. You going to collect them all soon. LOL

  4. @jboypacman: Ya I will try to review at least several of these. I've just been opening them and putting them in display for a while, just don't have the time for a review.

    @actionfig: Thanks! Ya Ultraman is awesome, funny thing I actually found several episodes of Ultraman on some VCD's I received from my uncle in HK, got them at least 10 years ago LOL!

    @Leon: The desk+chairs are for 1/12 figures which are about 6" figures since 12" figures are 1/6 scale. Haha confusing eh? And ya I LOVE those little transformers, still thinking how I should display them nicely.

  5. I like the classic ultraman figures...

  6. Toy Hungering Monster never leaves. It wants more and more toys and the best we can do is giving it a little gift each few weeks or days, it depends how hungry our monster is. Mine is making me listen this over and over again
    This is its way for tempting me to buy more ponies