Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recent TF Hauls

Man! The Transformers Prime line have been arriving to Canada continuously lately (before the US too!) and we've been having sales whenever these guys are coming in so it was just buy buy buy for me!

Bee was from last time, but here's wave 1-1.5 of the Transformers Prime Deluxes. Love the CJ mold so I grabbed another one.

Then I picked up these two guys last night, was hunting for the Reveal the Shield Jazz and Tracks. Managed to grab Tracks, but didn't find any Jazz, got Mindset though since I didn't have this mold yet.

Then I just received a package in the mail today from a cybertron.ca board member containing:

E-Hobby Exclusive Matrix Glow Rodimus (I just LOVE translucent figures!)

And this sexy ladybot

Due to my lack of shelf space, I've been keeping a bunch of my toys MOC. But I am going to be grabbing another shelf for TF's at the end of this week. Here's 20 MOC TF's lol! Can't wait to crack all these open!


  1. Very nice JC and sounds like it times to get a few more shelves. : )

  2. Great haul!Those guys will look great on display JCEE!

  3. Thanks guys! I will update this weekend with the new display! Can't wait to be able to display all my classics TF's together and start a new section for the TF Prime stuff!

  4. The bumblebee and starscream in robot mode look cool...

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