Friday, December 9, 2011

Quick Review: Hasegawa 1/12 School Desks and Chairs

This review is for the 1/12 School Desks and Chairs by Hasewaga, I got mine from Amiami right here.

This kit is one of the things I've been looking forward to in my recent haul. I ordered this without really knowing what to expect, it just seemed like a fun accessory to have.


This is a model kit that comes in plastic trees and requires assembly. The kit includes enough parts to build 3 sets of chairs + desks. Also included is a cardboard sheet with tiles print.

The instructions are printed on the back of the box, they are fairly simple.

The pieces are quite delicate and detailed. It would look much nicer with a coat of paint on them. I tried to paint it quick and failed miserably so I ended up washing the paint off. I will redo it over the weekend.

Now the part everyone is wondering, what is the size compared to the figures? I quickly grabbed these figures off my shelves for a quick reference. I will probably take another picture with other figure lines for reference tomorrow.

Here we have some pretty common figures. Spiderman is the normal Marvel 6" figure, SHFiguarts Kamen Rider 1 is a bit shorter at probably 5.5"-ish and then we have a Marvel Universe Iron Man at 3.75".

Iron Man doesn't look too happy here, he is too smart for school anyways. I guess 3.75" figures can sort of work with these, but they look like kindergardeners LOL

With the 6" Spiderman, he is just a bit too big. It can still work, he just looks like a big kid.

It's actually not that bad...

And lastly the SHF Kamen Rider which I think is the best fit out of these three figures. I can't help but LOL at this picture too haha

I will put together the other 2 desks and chairs tomorrow and add a few more pics with other figures as well. But so far I am in LOVE with these accessories. It's time that this scale got some more accessories like these. I can foresee a lot of cool and funny toy pictures with these desks and chairs. In fact, I like them so much I just ordered 2 more sets from Amiami haha!


  1. These will be pretty neat to use to display some of your figures with.

  2. LAMO, oh Lord that last picture was too much!
    Heroes School 101!

  3. Love to see Tony Stark back to school :D :D :D