Monday, June 6, 2011

Haul of May

Finally received my package from Amiami, got charged by customs though! $40 tax + $60 shipping ARGH! Oh well, at last it's here though. Been waiting for these guys for a loooong time! Finally got meself some Danboards!!!


As decided by Leon at Open The Toy, I will be reviewing Arale this weekend. Maybe I should start a what should I open next? thing LOL

I need more display shelves!!!



  1. You building a Danbo army? THE ARALE I may want to get. Quickly review!!

  2. Okay! I will review Arale this weekend! Btw, my Danbo recruits haven't all arrived yet hahahaha!

  3. Dear lord, what could one person want with so man Danbos?

  4. Because one day...Danbos are gonna take over the world!!!

    I wonder if anyone army built with Danbos??? LOL!

  5. Figma kamen rider series,,,
    I want it >_<

  6. Hmm I am looking forward to see how they are compared to SHF's!

  7. Damn... you DO love toys, my friend! This is some different stuff- not the same old Mattel/Hasbro crap most of us shuffle around... and what are those DanBoard things?? Will be really interested to see more about that. Awesome!

  8. Haha thanks Super! I collect Hasbro stuff like Transformers and Marvel figures! I really like the Marvel stuff, but they are just so hard to come by locally that I just about gave up on hunting for them.

    I will be opening one of those Danboards this weekend for review along with Arale!