Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: Revoltech Danboard

Here's a short and sweet review of the ever so popular Revoltech Danboard. A quick Google Image search with the word "Danboard" or "Danbo" will yield pages and pages of photographs of this character. There is even a flickr group for Danbo - Danbo Love - that has over 14,000 entries!!! So why is this little guy so popular?

From what I understand, Danboard is from the Japanese manga "Yotsuba&!". He is basically a cardboard robot.

Even the packaging of this toy is some type of thin cardboard paper. The box design is simple and clean.


The top of the packaging is made to look like Danboard as well.


There's not a lot of accessories included in this figure. The extra head is Miura Hayasaka who is the little kid who dressed up as Danboard in the manga. The only other item is the display stand. The Revoltech joint is for the extra head.


Danboard is a very simple figure and that is why I think it is so popular. The figure expression-less, so it can be used in all types of photographs. The expression relies only on the setting on the photograph. For examples, check out the 365 days of Danboard project by Arielle Nadel.


Articulation-wise, it is very basic: Revoltech joints for the neck, shoulders, and legs. Five joints in total.


The "side skirts" are one piece with the torso, but the front and rear part of the skirt is hinged, allowing the legs to articulate back and forth slightly.


Another feature of this figure is...


Light-up eyes! I think this feature will be very useful in some dark and scary photographs...

Like Zombie Danbo!

But of course, we all know Danbo is just a costume for cute little Miura Hayasaka...


Or is it?


So in conclusion, I am just glad I was able to get my hands on one of these gems in the end (okay, more than one). I've been wanting one of these figures ever since I saw some amazing photographs with this figure as the subject. I don't really know what rating I can give it because there's not much to it really. There's basically only one color to it and there's only 5 joints in total on the whole figure. It's just one of those unique figures that makes toy photography so fun!


  1. Such a cool figure, I've been meaning to get one forever!

  2. want to see the combination of the danboards

  3. @Mario: You better hurry and get one while they are still available! Or else their prices will go sky-rocket again like before the rerelease!

    @RiP666: Haha I am not sure if I will open the other ones I got yet. I think I went a bit crazy when I got them since I wanted one for so long.

  4. I never imagine simple design like this could gain such high popularity. It's my first time seeing Revoltech with electronic features.

  5. I own one myself as well! Love it so much :D