Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Candy Toy Kamen Rider Birth and CLAWs Set

The debut of Gotou-san as Birth in episode 38 of Kamen Rider OOO just reminded me of this toy so
here's another quick review of this candy toy I got a while ago. It's for Kamen Rider Birth and his CLAWs weapons kit from Kamen Rider OOO. But first, let's check out Gotou-san as Birth shall we?

Birth and CLAWs are two separate items. I got the whole box so I was able to get this set easily. I think it is much harder to get these two if you were to buy singles from retail stores. I remember seeing only the ones that are not so popular left on the shelf when I was in Hong Kong last year.


The Birth figure comes fully assembled in the box, you only need to apply the stickers. The figure is about the same size as the 3 3/4" Joes. The Birth Buster gun also comes with the figure.


CLAWs came with each piece bagged individually and required some basic assembly. Each box comes with a piece of candy as well, but I've already eaten it before I got to the toy LOL!



And of course, the CLAWs components can be disassembled and used on Birth just like in the show.

Drill Arm

Shovel Arm

Crane Arm

Breast Cannon

Catepillar Leg

Cutter Wing

Happy BIRTHday! (The day where all 6 components were combined with Birth)

Overall I have to say I am really surprised with the quality of this candy toy. It is really well made and the details are very nice for this price. The details seems pretty close to the larger OCC line from what I saw in reviews. It has very good playability with all the combos you can make with the CLAWs set. I have several other figures from this set that I have yet to review, but I will wait for my set 3 coming this month and review them all at once.


  1. whoooa,, the crane arm looks hilarious.. :D

  2. For a candybox toy this is a lot of articulation with additional fun factors. This kamen rider is pretty cute taking the concept of capsule machine. Cool!