Sunday, June 26, 2011

Transformers Haul

Picked these up during last week + this week. Got the Animated lot from a local collector, he forgot to bring my Skywarp and the club for Snarl, so I will have to get those from him sometime soon. But I am finally done my Transformers Animated collection with these few bots! I don't have everyone in the series, but I got all the ones I wanted, feels great! The Reveal the Shield Lugnut I bought after seeing Open The Toy's review on it, this guy is sweet, highly recommended!


Also picked these guys up this weekend at Toysrus with their 25% off sale! I am still hunting for Shockwave! Hopefully I will be able to find him before the sale ends!




Also got this Toysrus exclusive TF3 movie bag with Transformers purchases starting last Friday (while supplies last!). Looks pretty cool and it can fit 4 deluxes side-by-side perfectly haha!



  1. Wow congrats! Glad you like lugnut. LOL

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to open them ALL! I need more display room though...!