Monday, May 23, 2011

Dark of the Moon: Starscream and Thunderhead

I haven't been following the Transformers line lately. Last TF I bought was from the Animated line since I haven't had any interests in the recent series. I really like the Classics line, but they were almost impossible to find here so I ended up forgetting about them altogether. Then come the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon line, I saw several that I definitely wanted to pick up (ex. Shockwave), but there weren't a whole lot that I wanted, especially before I saw the movie. As luck would have it, comes a sale and I picked up some more than planned (HA!...plans...).

I only got to opening two of them though because I was playing with off camera flash and full manual settings for quite a bit (I took over 100 pics alone for these 2 guys LOL, a lot of trial and error).

First up is the Deluxe Starscream. I've always wanted to pick up a movie Starscream since the first movie. But I didn't really fancy the first voyager one, the shape looked awkward to me for some reason. The leader class one looks amazing, but I just can't afford to drop $60 + tax on that guy (not to mention the space he will take up on display!). Then comes the affordable deluxe version for TF3, I definitely had to grab this one. I can't wait for the repaints on this mold as well! Thundercracker, Skywarp...mmmm.

I just love the jet mode, I even have it displayed in this mode right now (on the stand). For a deluxe size figure, he has really nice details. He looks sweet with all the cybertronian markings.

The gimmick for this line are the Mechtech weapons. They just end up in the scraps pile for me.

And here he is in his robot mode. I always thought he looked like a chicken for some reason...

The two mechtech pieces join together to form this massive blade for his robot mode. Looks pretty cool I guess...

Next up is Thunderhead with Major Tungsten. When I saw this guy, I had to get it! In fact, I want to grab several more of this one because his alt modes are sooo coool!!! This one is from the Human Alliance Basic line.

Tank/crawler vehicle mode...looks fun to drive!

Looks pretty good for rock crawling too.
He can even turn into a mech suit! How much awesome-er can he get?!?!
All in all I am very happy with my purchases, so far (I still have several more to open). I really like the Human Alliance basic line and am looking forward to see what else they come with in the later waves. Although I initially didn't "planned" to buy a lot of this line, I can definitely see myself end up with quite a few of them haha.


  1. woow those cybertronian marking made strascream looks cool,, :D
    it is true the second one was awesome too,, it is just perfect with the human figure put on

  2. SOmehow the person dun look too comfortable in that mech suit.

  3. @Leon: LOL I didn't even noticed until you mentioned it! Hahahaha he seems to be supporting himself up with his arms there hahaha I think he is suppose to be sitting there lol

    @RIP666: Yup they are so cool, I almost want to army build the second one lol!