Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Transformers Backfire with Spike Witwicky

Here's a short review of the Transformers Dark of the Moon Human Basic Backfire with Spike Witwicky. Apparently Spike Witwicky is a character from the G1 era as well. I knew it had to be related with the last name, but I am not familiar at all with G1.


Out of the package in robot mode. It looks alright in robot mode, nothing spectacular.


This is the weapon mode, I think it is related to the Mechtech feature on the deluxe size and up Transformers. There's a peg on the bottom at the back for this mode which I think can be attached to the Mechtech ports.


And finally the vehicle mode, which is the reason I got this. Gotta love this 3-wheel bike design. I've been wanting to custom make one of these in R/C form for the longest time.


Low-rider for on-road driving...


and jacked up for offroading!


Overall it is a fun toy, I just really like these Human Alliance basics because I think they are sort of a cross between Transformers and Joes. I just wished they were bigger in size to work with the 4" Joes, THAT would make them PERFECT!

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