Sunday, April 26, 2009

Star Trek Playsets

I've always like playsets since I was a kid. It is just so cool to have an environment for your toys to play in. I especially like those with a lot of accessories and gimmicks such as trap doors, lights, and sounds. I remember I had these TMNT playsets that fold together into the turtles complete with the turtles themselves and Shredder (size of the characters were about 1" in height). I had a lot of other clamshell design playsets as well, can't remember exactly what they were from, I wish I still had them though!

Anyways, these are some upcoming Star Trek playsets. I am not a fan of Star Trek, but any sci-fi toy is just cool. Especially the first two sets, I think the first one might look good modified to something from the Avengers or Fantasic 4. I've never had any larger size playsets because I don't have the room to put them, but I might just need to make some room for these.

Oh ya, did I mention the first two sets are for 3.75" figures? This would be PERFECT for the Marvel Universe line!

[UPDATE] Just found a review on the first two playsets! Too bad the bonus pieces are only available with the individual figures. I hope some of those accessories will be available separately (chairs and electronic panels).

Even in retro style

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