Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photoshoot: Iron Man vs. Iron Monger

(Click for larger size)

I noticed the part where the beam ray piece secures to IM's wrist is quite loose. That part is just a U-shaped made of soft plastic, after several uses, it has become loose already.


  1. Hasbro really putting poor quality for durability of the toy. Big mistake. Awesome photography bro!

  2. The finish on Iron Monger looks really cool, is that custom?

  3. love the pictures mate!

    and the sizes looks pretty accurate in this shot! ironmonger towering over ironman

  4. @LEon: Ya, they should have probably used a plastic that doesn't deform so quickly from use.

    @Mario: Thanks! Yes, I painted him. It's actually much easier than it looks, maybe I will do a tutorial next time. I missed out on the first Mark1 suit, so I am waiting for the repaint to be released so I can repaint him myself.

    @Joshua: Thanks! I find the size of these 3.75" is really good for those undersized characters in 6" like Ironmonger and the Hulk.

  5. Geez, how come your Iron Man keeps losing in his battles? I thought he just lost to your Grey Hulk the other day? :P

    As for the loosen Iron Man's blast accessory, at least you've got a spare one with your Classic Iron Man! :)

  6. Haha that's time he will win then!