Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RC Wants

After my Tamiya Jeep and Hummer purchases, I started to regain my interest in the larger scales RC's (1:12+). The reason why I lose interest in the first place was the constant "new" releases of buggies and truggies, these are awesome race machines, but they all look the same to me. I am more interested in unique RC's. I don't really look for performance in an RC, but more of the engineering and aesthetics aspects of it. My RC's are mostly for display, I don't like to run them much because I like to keep them clean and looking new.

I have been asked many times before that if I only like the looks and only use them for display, why not just collect the die-cast counterparts? Yes, the "looks" is a factor in my collection, but the engineering aspect is number one. Most of my collection are kits, I don't like the whole idea of Ready-to-run(RTR) because the most fun part (the building of the model) is lost. The building part is where one gets to learn, understand, and appreciate the engineering and design of the model. And the feeling of accomplishment after building a kit is just awesome!

Anyways, here are some upcoming and new releases that really caught my eyes! It has been a long time since we've seen some entirely new chassis designs.

1. HPI Racing True Tenth Scale Cup Racer - 240Z (my favourite) ---> KIT

2. HPI Racing Formula Ten (coming soon) ---> KIT

3. Kyosho 1:5 Birel Racing Go Kart ---> RTR

I wish Kyosho would release the Go Kart in a kit, but to be honest, the RTR is not too bad for this model. The engineering and design is not too complicated, you could basically see everything just by looking at it. But I still think the build would be fun, not to mention painting it as I am not too fond of its color scheme right now. It is actually surprising to see Kyosho release a Go Kart again. RC Go Karts are rare, in fact, I think the last one is the one that is also by Kyosho. I am not sure about the similarity in the designs of the previous one compared to this new one as it was released long before I got into RC.

It's interesting to note that all three RC's on my want list are onroads. My collection consists of mostly offroad vehicles. Only onroad RC's that have unique chassis designs catch my attention.


  1. Way to go Jcee. Keep it to your passion. I understand the fun part of making the model up but most of the time, I am rather disappointed with my end product. LOL

  2. I like the last model, will you buy this?

  3. I need to check around to see the price first. For sure fun factor wise, the Go Kart would be the most fun. Maybe I can strap in my 1:6 army man onto the cart too LOL