Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Tamiya new releases at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009

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"84057 1/12 Black Porsche 934 will be based on the TamTech-Gear GT-01 chassis (with some hop ups and black parts) and will have both a lexan and a hard body as well as a carrying back like the original black 58001."


Tamiya's first ever RC was a hard body Porsche 934 Turbo RSR (Valiant). It was released in 1976 just before Christmas. Later, I believe there was a limited release of the same body molded in black plastic. This became one of the most rare items for Tamiya collectors. One of them went for around $8000usd a while back.

So this release is very cool! Especially with the hard body. Tamiya released the GT-01 chassis with a lexan 934 body not too long ago. I was actually going to pick one up next month. But I might just wait for this release.

The M05 PRO and the F104 is pretty interesting too because I just blogged about the HPI Cup Racer and F1 last week. So these Tamiya releases are in the same classes. The change in the M05 seems to be the lowered CG, most of the chassis is below the top of the wheels now, I hope the HPI 240Z body will be able to fit on this chassis. I already have a M03 chassis with a Mini Cooper body and a M03R chassis kit still NIB because I haven't found a suitable body for it yet. The M03 cannot use the 240Z body because it sits too high and the 240Z sits too low. The F104 doesn't look like a big change from the F103, so I am more interested in the HPI F1 since I already have a F103.

I will blog more about my RC collection in the following month. Stay tuned!

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