Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keeping track

Does anyone keep track of their spendings? Like a spreadsheet in MS Excel or list in Word?

When I started collected action figures (which was only last Xmas), I kept track of all my purchases in an Excel spreadsheet. Why did I do that? I was curious how much I would spend on toys. The total actually surprised me quite a bit because I don't buy any expensive figures. My most expensive figures are probably my Revoltechs which cost around $30CDN here. Little bits add up quite fast! I can't even imagine for those of you that collect 1/6 figures!

Another list that I had kept for a while is my RC collection. However, the list was just in a MS Word file with no price listed. So just out of curiosity, I imported the file into Excel and totaled up the prices from what I remember. Almost fell out of my chair when I discovered the total! And that didn't even include any RC I had and got rid of. However, I have been into the hobby for around 8-9 years, also my father is into it as well, so I guess it evens out. The file has been terminated due to risks of exposure.

In the end, you cannot put a price on the enjoyment and fun you get from them. So keep collecting!


  1. I have been thinking of keeping track of all my toy purchases. I'm kind of worried how big the total will end up, though.

  2. I dare not keep track of my toy purchases so as not to shock myself. I quite crazy over trading figures lately and have been shopping for figurines related to anime that I like or those of which I have watched before.

    Always tell my wife I will stop or cut down but never did so! My integrity is in stack! Ha! Ha!

  3. Never did I keep track on writing how much I'm spending on toys. However I am quite thrifty and selective. If the prize is not right, I wont buy it.

    the rule of thumb for me is only to spend money that I have left apart from my expenses and saving. With that it wont go too wrong.

  4. i made a point to store the receipts and file em' its summing up to a hefty i do NOT wanna know how much i've spend...HAHA

  5. I do keep an expense record of all my purchases, not just on toys. I've got a monthly toys budget too, which the toy expenses must fall within :)

    Actually space contraints at home is another major factor in my toy purchase decisions :P

  6. It's interesting to read the comments!

    @Mario: That's what I thought at first, but after I saw how fast they are adding up, I became more selective into what I buy.

    @Dennis: Haha that's what happen when I start to watch anime too. I just want something to remind me of that anime if I really like it.

    @LEon: Me too! I always try to wait it out until there is a sale to buy something. But sometimes when I wait until there's a sale, the ones I want are gone.

    @Joshua: When I was asked how much I spent on something, I usually just come up with a random number. But sometimes I forget and leave my receipts in the car or something and then I will get into trouble! haha

    @Juliana: I think it is a good idea to keep track of purchases. Just to be organized and sometimes to reflect if I am going overboard.

    Space constraint is another one of my problems too. This is mostly for my RC's. I actually have been messing around with designing some shelves to provide more space for display. So check back for some DIY home projects starting in May!

  7. I actually just started this year with excel, and I was too a little surprised on how the clearance Indy Jones figures added up. I try and set a limit to this craziness!

  8. I have an Excel file which I use to track my purchases and make note of my expenditure. You can't put a price on these things, so mainly, it's for me just so I don't buy the same thing twice.

  9. @Dan: Back then when I see a figure on clearance, I just buy it without thinking. It added up real quick! Now even if for clearance items, I only buy it if I really want it or if it's in a series that I collect but wouldn't normally buy at regular price.

    @Kenny: That is another reason why I have the list. I don't have room to display everything so some are still stored in boxes. I get forgetful sometimes and don't even remember what I got or where I put it haha

    Thanks for your comments!