Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Spectacular Spiderman

My friend Joel sent me this picture of his son's collection.

I watched the season one of the Spectacular Spiderman. I had the same reaction as when I watched Transformers Animated, it is surprisingly good! However, the toys are so-so, mainly because of their limited articulation. Otherwise, they look pretty cool. They are quite show accurate with the exception of Doctor Octopus. From what I have seen, the paint apps are quite good. My favourites are the green goblin and the sandman. I might grab a set of them if they go on sale again!


  1. nice collection you got in the below posts....i do collect iron man action figures too! pretty awesome stuff!

    great blog you have! will link you up ASAP

  2. Thanks Joshua, I just added you too.

  3. I agree with you that Animated spider-man toy is so-so which is good in a way for me as I can save some money. Hehehe