Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Collection Part 1

Well, I am going to start off with an introduction on what is in my collection right now. I actually only recently got into collecting action figures, I think it is because of the Iron Man movie figures that begun my craving for more toys. My friend Joel also got me addicted to watching the new Animated Transformers shows, which were surprisingly good. I can't wait to watch the next series. 

Here are some pics I took already. I've gotten some new stuff, but am too tired right now to take pics.


  1. Hey you took your toy in professional setup? Nice. Anyway your Iron Monger is re-touched up by yourself? look nice too.

  2. Thanks Leon, my setup is actually very unprofessional haha. It's just a piece of cardboard paper for the background with some white lighting. And yes, I tried my hand at dry brushing on the Iron Monger, it is very easy and fun. I might repaint the Titanium man during the break too.