Friday, December 19, 2008

Flash of the past...

Bought this a few weeks back. The second I saw this, I had a flashback in my mind of me as a little kid sitting infront of the TV in my HK home watching this show. After blinking a few times, I thought to myself, WHAT???

This figure is Lord Zedd from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that aired in around 1993 in HK. It was my favourite show back in the time. I remember having two of the megazords and mutiple figures of the green and the blue ranger (since they were my favourites). Of course, after I came to Canada, those are nowhere to be found now. So when I saw this figure, I was really surprised and I just had to get it. I found out on the back of the packaging that it was a rerelease done in the current Jungle Fury line. Apparently there is also the green, the white, and the black ranger available, but these are so-called "chase" figures, so they are rare. I haven't had luck seeing ANY of them after this one.

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