Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Collection Part 2

My other hobby is almost anything RC. I've been into RC for about 6-7 years. My interest in RC has dampened down a lot lately, mainly due to nothing interesting in the new releases. I haven't bought a kit in quite a long time already. But one thing that I will always keep interest in is racing the Kyosho Mini-Z's! Why? Because I have a track in my basement!

By the way, I just set up the lap timer last Friday. It is a free software from the guys at http://mzlc.c.la/. It utilizes a webcam setup above a certain section of the track. The webcam takes a picture of that section as a reference, and everytime there is a change in the image (car passing by), the time is recorded. As a result, it can only track one car at a time (ain't complaining, it's free!). This will be great for time trials.

Current best lap time: 9.985s (by me!) [MR02, stock motor]

View from camera on tripod (for vids)

More pics of my basement hobby shop coming soon...

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