Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silverlit 1:12 RC Ducati follow-up...

The bike was harder than I expected to drive by itself, let alone on the track! Although I have several Kyosho 1:8 which steers via the lean of the rider, I don't have any experience driving them! I believe two of them are still NIB and one is in pieces getting hopped up somewhere. The only experience I have is from the 1:5 bike, but the steering is a direct link to servo setup; therefore, there is no "delay". So on the Silverlit, I cannot tell if the "delay" in the turning is due to the delay in the transition from the leaning of the rider to the turning of the front forks or if it is a signal delay due to the quality of the electronics. So it will definitely take some time before I can take the bike to the track!

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