Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mini review: MEGA BLOKS Neo Shifters - Terra Sfear

Here's some background info from the Toysrus website on this series,

"NEO Shifters are shape-changing robots with laser light-up heads and firing launchers. Sphere opens automatically and changes into a robot. Templars are NEO Shifters infected with a rare malfunction called Hydrax Toxic Syndrome. A Templar will unscrupulously scour galaxy after galaxy for control of water and valuable resources. A duplicitous, arrogant megalomaniac, TERRA SFEAR is leader of the faction, looking for strong soldiers to fulfill the Templar quest for total power."

and a video from Youtube..

Anyways here's my review,

First off, the packaging is really neat. As you can see below, the box is very attractive. It even has one of those hologram(?) picture in the bottom right corner of the box showing the transformation from the pod to the robot.

Inside the box, you will find the parts packaged in separate plastic bags. However, each bag does not correspond to the steps. But there are not a lot of pieces, so it doesn't really matter.

Building process was as easy as it gets. The instructions are exactly like those in Lego. Building time took about 20 minutes. The finished figure is very poseable and looks awesome. Transformation was a breeze too, everything fit together perfectly.

Better pics coming soon...


  1. reminds me strongly of bionicle.

  2. I have a NEOshifter named Simia::Rix, and he's SO COOL!